Strategy & Performance Management

Our Strategy & Performance Improvement services are focused on assisting our clients to craft and/or modify their business strategy and improve business performance. This usually involves analysis of the business environment, internal analysis of the company and identification of key value drivers in the business. We typically work with top to middle management to formulate and implement winning strategies.

Case Study

Optimizing Growth Through Strategic & Performance Management  

Client: ABBA Limited  

ABBA Limited, a leading player in the retail industry, faced intense market competition and fluctuating consumer trends. They approached our Strategy & Performance Management Consulting team seeking guidance on revamping their business strategy and enhancing performance in the dynamic retail landscape.  


  1. Market Saturation: The client's traditional approach to retail was struggling to capture new market segments.
  2. Operational Inefficiencies: ABBA Limited was facing operational bottlenecks that impacted their supply chain and inventory management.
  3. Lack of Clear Strategy: The company lacked a cohesive long-term strategy to navigate industry disruptions.

Our Approach:  
Our team conducted a comprehensive assessment of ABBA Limited's operations, market positioning, and financial performance. The following steps were taken:  

  1. Strategy Development: Collaborating closely with ABBA Limited's leadership, we developed a robust and adaptive strategic plan. This plan involved diversifying product offerings, targeting new demographics, and exploring e-commerce expansion.
  2. Performance Metrics: We implemented a performance management system, establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) that tracked progress toward strategic goals.
  3. Operational Streamlining: We identified and addressed operational inefficiencies, optimizing supply chain management, inventory control, and cost-saving measures.


  1. Revenue Growth: With the implementation of the new strategy, ABBA Limited saw a 20% increase in revenue within the first year.
  2. Improved Efficiency: Operational changes resulted in a 15% reduction in operational costs, leading to healthier profit margins.
  3. Market Expansion: The company successfully expanded into e-commerce, opening new revenue streams and tapping into a broader customer base.
  4. Enhanced Agility: ABBA Limited developed the capacity to respond swiftly to market shifts, adapting product lines and marketing strategies accordingly.

Our Strategy & Performance Management Consulting service enabled ABBA Limited to transform its business model, achieve substantial growth, and establish a stronger presence in the retail industry. By aligning strategy with performance management and optimizing operations, the company not only weathered market challenges but also emerged as an agile and profitable industry leader.

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