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Financial Independence Beyond the Career 2

Dates (Click on preferred date to apply) Oct 30

Over the years, we are all painfully aware of several people who spent 30 to 40 years in relatively good employments and careers but were unable to retire comfortably. Knowing that this can be forestalled, we have developed a course that will provide participants with basic knowledge and strategies required to enable them financially prepare for retirement and consequently, live comfortably thereafter.

CategoryGeneral Management/Personal Development
Duration1 Day
Corporate LevelFoundational, Intermediate and Advanced
Target Audience

All Staff


This course will enlighten participants about the actions to take (or not take) to ensure that successful careers are crowned with financial independence. It will also provide the participants with an understanding of how to develop their retirement strategies by looking at the various options available to them.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Having completed this course, you will:

  • Understand the need to consistently make quality long-term investments during their active working lives
  • Understand how to build wealth to provide financial security post retirement
  • Learn how to set, plan and achieve their long term financial goals
  • Understand the implication of inflation on long-term investments
  • Understand lifestyle implications of consistent investing for the long-term
  • Understand major investment types (asset classes) and their key risks and return characteristics
  • Have good insight into preferred industry choice
Fee in Naira70,000.00